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ABP News journalists clash over custody of coffee mugs with old Star News logo

28, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Employees of television news channel ABP News, which was earlier known as Star News, are reported to be fighting with each other over ownership of now obsolete paraphernalia that had Star News logo printed on them.

Objects such as coffee mugs and mouse pads are hotly disputed as everyone is trying to get their pound of flesh.

“Deepak Chaurasia ji took every single mug with him and left nothing for me!” complained a crime-reporter-cum-real-estate-agent who didn’t want to be quoted.

Coffee Mug
One of the disputed mugs that was taken away by a cab driver while the journalists were busy fighting amongst themselves

It should be noted that starting this month, Star News was rebranded as ABP News after Star India Private Limited decided to end the brand association.

This proved to be a major setback to the group of materials like coffee mugs, mouse pads, notepads, fountain pens, etc. that were earlier an integral part of the news channel.

Left with no value and identity all of a sudden, like Amar Singh out of Samajwadi Party, these materials were left vulnerable as management decided to junk them.

“We had thought to sell these things as scrap, but a group of journalists protested this inhuman treatment being meted out to the editorial objects, following which we decided to give them away for free to our employees,” MCCS CEO Ashok Venkatramani told Faking News.

However little did MCCS (company that owns the news channel) management knew that this will cause a major human resources crisis in the company.

Sources report that journalists have formed group among themselves and are bitching against each other for possession of the articles that they believed rightfully belonged to them.

“I could anchor shows and programs for hours and hours after getting a kick from a black coffee,” Kishore Ajwani, one of the senior journalists at ABP News claimed, “I always used a particular mug to be high before the shows. Now I can’t find it! People are shameless!”

Similar lack of trust and respect for fellow journalists and staff was echoed by almost every ABP News journalist who thought their colleagues were guilty of theft and treachery.

“Groupism or factionalism among journalists is not new, but usually it’s on the basis of ideology, ethnicity, class, or pure survival instincts. This is a very new thing and we are trying to deal with it,” said an HR manager, whose only job before this crisis was to find out if everyone’s carrying his or her access card.

“Thank god we had removable stickers on laptops and computers!” the manager said.