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Advani tried to topple Modi, claims The Indian Express

20, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a second sensational claim by The Indian Express on the same day, the newspaper has claimed that LK Advani tried his level best to topple Narendra Modi to become BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, but could not succeed.

Earlier the newspaper had claimed that former Army chief General VK Singh tried to topple the democratically elected Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

LK Advani and Narendra Modi
Sources say that this clinching piece of evidence could be used for the next report that would claim that actually Modi spied on Advani and always watched his back

As per The Indian Express (IE), Advani misused party funds to destabilize Modi’s ambition of becoming Prime Minister. He even paid off an NGO run by Nitin Gadkari’s driver to try and change the line of succession in BJP top brass.

The report published in the newspaper further claims that Advani tried to file a PIL through that NGO in the alleged fake encounter cases against the Gujarat government.

Not only that, sources at IE tell Faking News that all the anti-Modi trends and hashtags like #Feku, #Fakechilli etc. on Twitter were also brainchild of LK Advani. Apparently some Jha was part of this secret group created by Advani.

“He was also paying NDTV to run more ‘Blow to Modi’ news reports. It was on his insinuation that Sagarika Ghose started calling Modi fans Internet Hindus,” Shikhar Gupte, an editor at IE revealed some startling facts about Advani.

After these revelations, experts have come up with mixed reactions. While some are blindly believing the report and tending it as a further proof of BJP being a divided house, others have trashed it.

“Another of those reports that takes a premise from an already know fact, and adds mindless masala to make it sensational,” a media critic said.

“Advani may not have succeeded in toppling Modi, and Gen VK Singh may not have succeeded in toppling the J&K government, but looks like IE is trying to topple Faking News,” the critic added as we winded up the interview.