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After celebrity couple requests privacy, media outlets decrease daily articles on them from 10 to 5

30, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Noida: Showing unprecedented sensitivity to a couple’s request for privacy, media outlets have decided to reduce the number of articles on a celebrity couple from 10 to 5 after their public appeal.

Summary of news today
Summary of news today

Superstar Aaryan Kapoor and actress Priya Sharma have been among the hottest B-Town couples over the past decade but are experiencing some personal problems at this moment. During this difficult time, the couple came together and issued a statement requesting media to stop speculating and gossiping about their relationship and for a change, media did listen!

After a long All Media Networks Meeting, consensus emerged on limiting the number of gossip articles on the couple to 5 a day. As per senior editors, this display of sensitivity will boost the sagging image of media in public’s eye.

Apart from this historic decision, they also decided to blame social media trolls for all the speculation and gossip on Aaryan and Priya’s relationship.

“I think 5 articles speculating about their future are ok, anything more will seem insensitive after their request. We understand their need for privacy at this time, hum bhi insaan hain bhai”, said the editor of a leading film magazine.

An editor of a leading online Bollywood portal, Mr. Ramesh Taankjhaank Waale said, “I was not in favour of this initially. I mean, come on, we were only running stories on their failing relationship every hour, that is not too frequent. But then, all my colleagues in the industry said we must be sensitive etc so I agreed. I have even removed the story where we were asking who their pet Dog will choose in this fight, Aaryan or Priya. That had so much potential to go viral.”

Meanwhile, reporters have requested other celebrity couples to start fighting or initiate divorce proceedings as they are suddenly falling short of stories.