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After getting past 73 elections wrong, expert feels Delhi is his lucky break

06, Feb 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Senior election expert, Mr. Kumar Jeravi who has the distinction of getting all the elections he ever predicted wrong, is confident that he will finally get one right in Delhi. After starting his career as an election analyst in late 1980s, Mr. Jeravi has predicted 73 elections wrongly till now.

“I think Mr. Jeravi is right, all results are possible”

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Jeravi said, “Sometimes you have this gut feeling that you are absolutely correct. I am getting the same type of feeling for my Delhi predictions. I have felt these emotions earlier too but this time it is very strong.”

“Very very strong,” he added as an afterthought.

When we asked how he became a senior election expert despite never having gotten an election right, Mr. Jeravi said, “Well it is about the survival of the shameless. While others left the field after being proven wrong again and again, I stuck around and got rewarded. After 25 elections, people started calling me an election expert and after 50, they made me senior election expert. I am 2 elections away from being called India’s Nate Silver.”

As per Mr Jeravi, he is not taking any chances and has conducted a thorough survey as well this time to ensure his predictions are spot on. In addition to seeking political opinions from his maid, gardener and driver, Mr. Jeravi also took feedback from his grocery guy, milkman and barber.

“As an expert, we need to see what the man on the street is thinking; you get the pulse of the elections by doing that. So I had to conduct this detailed survey to see whether the data backs my gut feeling and it did. Every person I spoke to, backed my predictions,” Mr. Jeravi told us.

Mr. Jeravi’s predictions for Delhi are,

BJP – 0 to 70.

AAP- 0 to 70

Congress- 0 to 70

Others – 0 to 70.

After hearing this, even we agreed that Mr. Jeravi may have finally predicted a result correctly.