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After #SupariJournalists Twitterati coins term #IchhadhariJournalists for those who constantly change stance

29, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Remember those old cult-classic Bollywood “Nagin” movies, where Sridevi essayed a role of Ichhadhari nagin and danced to the tunes of a “been” (long flute specializing in controlling snakes). This proverbial nagin could also change her appearance from a snake to women and vice-versa as per her ichha (willingness).

Twitter DP of one of these journos.
Twitter DP of one of these journos.

While those movies generated a lot of fanfare and urban legends in their own time, the term Ichhadhari gained new connotation yesterday when one twitter user coined a term Ichhadhari Journalists to classify those journos who constantly change their life’s beliefs as per their Ichha and dance to the tunes of “higher powers”.

Initially started as a joke the hashtag #IchhadhariJournalists soon got viral and started appearing in twitter trends just below #YouKnowYouSpottedAJournoWhen and #BeehiveIsAStateOfMind. We present below some of the top tweets for our readers:

While Ichhadhari snakes have a photographic memory, #IchhadhariJournalists have memory made-up of “photographs” of their deleted tweets

Snakes r deaf, yet respond to a moving “been”, same as #IchhadhariJournalists who work effortlessly for masters without listening to critics

इच्छाधारी नाग कई प्रजातियों में पाये जाते हैं परन्तु #IchhadhariJournalists मूलतः एक ही प्रजाति के होते हैं (Ichhadhari snakes have different species, but #IchhadhariJournalists are of one)

Dancing to the tunes of a “sapera” is how an Ichhadhari Naag earns his living, so do #IchhadhariJournalists

एक इच्छाधारी नाग इच्छानुसार भांति प्रकार के रूप ले सकता है, उसी प्रकार #IchhadhariJournalists भी आवश्यकतानुसार कोई भी रूप धर सकते हैं (Just like an Ichhadhari snake, an #IchhadhariJournalists can take whatever form they want)

Ichhadhari snakes loudly hiss and threaten if anyone tries to prank or troll them .. kinda same as #IchhadhariJournalists


While twitterati was abuzz with such tweets a few people from Sapera (Snake-charmer) community registered strong protests for using term Ichhadhari in a mocking way. One of the senior members from the community talked to us on condition of anonymity.

“We have a legacy which we should protect and respect. Our country was portrayed as a land of snake-charmers by British people and we were long known by the same phrase for long years even after independence. Dis-respecting us and our beloved snakes by mocking use of the word Ichhadhari is an irresponsible act and we condemn it. Ichhadhari is a pure and word, please don’t attach it to morally corrupt individuals,” said the member.