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Air India decides not to clean its flight washrooms, says the stink will prevent miscreants from writing threat messages

07, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: National carrier Air India has released a statement reacting to the threat message written on the toilet mirror of a Turkish flight, justifying its decision to not clean the washrooms henceforth. The airline said that the stink from unclean washrooms will prevent miscreants from writing anything on the walls.

Welcome to Air India. All passengers are requested to wear oxygen masks before entering the toilet.
Welcome to Air India. All passengers are requested to wear oxygen masks before entering the toilet.

Speaking to FN, a spokesperson for the airline said, “We face such issues on a daily basis but it doesn’t get reported in the media. The government is also not keen to address our concern. That is the reason why we decided to take such drastic measures. We have removed the mirror from the washroom. The limited water supply in the toilet will ensure that there is unbearable stink and only those passengers who really need it use the facility. The thick layer of grime that covers the toilet walls makes sure that no one can write anything on it. We feel this is the only way to address security concerns.”

As per the airlines, this out-of-the-box idea has already yielded amazing results. The airline which previously saw around 8 to 10 threat messages on its flight on a daily basis, now reports only a couple of messages. The success of this practice has also made other airlines sit up and take notice, who now seek to emulate this practice. It has also helped them cut costs as janitors who previously used to keep toilets clean, have been done away with.

Captain Iyer, an industry veteran says, “What started as a deficiency in service has become a standard operating procedure. You can call this jugaad, and the best part is it works. Now no self respecting terrorist would go into an Air India toilet, even if it’s a suicidal mission.”

Although, the airline receives bad press for its service, few care to consider how it’s a blessing in disguise. The Turkish airline incident just highlights this point. Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, has even asked private airlines to incorporate such practices.

Now that the media has started picking up this story, passengers will be relieved to know that even if the in-flight services are bad it’s only because the national carrier is putting extra efforts in making their journey secure.