Arnab asked us too many questions and did not allow us to speak: Police insider reveals

28, Apr 2020 By yogy

With the nation wanting to know what transpired during Arnab’s  interrogaion by the Mumbai police, Faking News is the first news channel to bring you inside scoop on news anchors marathon questioning.


Arnab spent more than 8 hours, just a few hours less than Ashutosh Gowariker movie, at the NM Joshi Police station. But what appeared to be interrogation turned out to be quite the opposite.

Sources say that Editor-in-Chief started his volley of questions even before cops could settle down. “He was still in news debate mode. We did not get a chance to speak. Occasionally screaming at the top of his voice to himself heard, even when we all were sitting quitely in a corner,” revealed a senior police official.

“Interrogations can get tense at times and we usually try to make the person on the hot seat feel comfortable by offering tea/ coffee etc. But this Arnab Goswami did not have anything. Jo usne chalu kiya sawal poochna, rukne ka naam hi nahi. Tichya maila. Phir se interrogate nahi karne ka re baba isko,” said a frustrated Sub-Inspector Ghorpade from the police station.

Cops even pleaded that they do not wish to be continue any further questioning, but he wouldnt let them go.

A visibly tired posse of interrogators finally managed to free themselves from the noose of news anchor after 12 hours.

The only silver lining in all this was that Mumbai Police got enough material that will help them create memes for atleast a year.