Arnab blasts panelist for opening his mouth, later realizes he was hearing echo of his own voice

01, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.  Arnab has been even more charged up after spending 12 hours in an interrogation room with the Mumbai police. He has increased his voice levels, and now there is no sound meter that can measure his voice, as it has reached some insane levels.


Most recently Arnab blasted a panelist for 30 minutes for opening his mouth to answer a question. He was then told by his technical team that he was actually listening to his own voice. He was then angry with his team and asked them to immediately locate the debate to a new studio where there is no issues in the Echo. Arnab has gained extraordinary TRP numbers after his interrogation episode and his tussle with Sonia Gandhi on national TV. He is not stopping at that.

He has requested each and every panelist who spoke even one word on his show to give a valid reason as to why did they open their mouth. Goswami’s show ‘Poochta Hai Bharat’ that attacked the Congress President for her alleged silence on the lynching of sadhus led the Hindi news genre with over 20% market share