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Arnab Goswami becomes first journalist to climb Mount Everest

08, Feb 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Following his passion of being number one on every possible parameter, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami has become the first journalist to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world.

“The list of persons, who were first among a certain group to climb Mount Everest, was getting longer and it was suspected that some journalist could soon attempt the same. Arnab shuddered at the possibility, and he decided to get there there before anyone else could,” a source confirmed.

“I am the best”

Sources further confirm that some employees working in Times Now leaked this information to rival media houses and Arnab’s attempt was not left unchallenged.

“Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, and Rahul Kanwal too set out to climb Mount Everest, but it was Arnab who prevailed,” a source disclosed.

Sources further reveal that among Arnab’s rivals, Rahul Kanwal was blindly following him and trying to race past him. But Rahul accidentally walked onto a puddle of melted ice and slipped, forcing him to retreat with a strained ankle.

“The ice was melted by Arnab’s outrage,” an onlooker, also doubling up as a print and web journalist, confirmed.

Other journalists were lucky not to meet any such accident, but none of them could beat Arnab.

Barkha voluntarily dropped out of the race for unknown reasons, though many on Twitter claimed that they knew the real reason.

The duo of Rajdeep and Sagarika doggedly challenged Arnab before Sagarika Ghose was distracted by the sight of a Bigfoot.

“It was right over there. Full of bad manners and menacing like a troll,” Sagarika claimed and dropped out of the race to discuss if the nation was facing any serious threat from Bigfoot, which has returned under Narendra Modi regime.

This left Rajdeep pitched against Arnab on a turf that was chosen by Arnab.

Soon the extreme weather conditions of the Himalayas started troubling both of them; Arnab started shouting to keep himself warm while Rajdeep turned cold and philosophical.

“Song for the night: yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai.” Rajdeep tweeted and became nostalgic about good old days while Arnab marched on and reached the highest peak of the world.

“I had to keep going as the nation wanted to know who would be the first journalist to climb Mount Everest,” Arnab told in an exclusive interview to Faking News after achieving the rare feat.