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Arnab Goswami calms down after being told that the 4 Supreme Court Judges are speaking against official Chief Justice of India

12, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: There were tense scenes in the Republic TV office today when the Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami flew into a rage after the press conference by 4 Supreme Court judges. In an unprecedented move, Justice Chelameswar, along with Justices Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph, held a press conference in New Delhi registering their unhappiness with the way things are happening in the Supreme Court. Immediately, a Republic reporter rushed to tell Arnab that 4 senior judges are unhappy with the way Chief Justice of India (CJI) is running things. Little did the journalist know that a volcano will explode immediately after the words left his mouth.

Real Chief Justice of India

As per sources inside Republic TV, Arnab immediately started shouting and cursing and throwing things around. He asked the names of the 4 judges and dared them to do a better job than him in delivering verdicts. He even went around the office asking the staff members what more could he have possibly done in his role as the Chief Justice.

After about half an hour of his angry tirade, finally a staff member managed to successfully interrupt Arnab and informed him that their grievances are with the official CJI and not with the unofficial but more powerful CJI. After hearing this, there was a visible change in Arnab’s mood and he calmed down immediately. However, 30 seconds later, he started shouting at the staff members for not informing him about this earlier and wasting half an hour of his valuable time in ranting.

Meanwhile, a cameraman who shot this entire rant was seen checking whether he can use this footage for tonight’s debate or will Arnab shout again at night.