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Arnab Goswami insures his throat and neck for 50 crore rupees

18, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of Times Now has got his throat and neck insured for a whopping 50 crore rupees, making him the Indian with the costliest assets. Earlier John Abraham, the Bollywood actor had failed to get his bums insured for half of the price Arnab could negotiate for himself with Bank Now, a start-up financial services company that has insured Arnab’s vital organs.

“We had done it as a selfless service to the nation,” Bank Now CEO Ashok Banker said, “Can we imagine our world without Arnab nodding and shaking his head in simple harmonic motion as he debates passionately with guests, experts and Suhel Seth on The Newshour?”

Arnab Goswami wants you
The costliest Indian on the earth

Ashok denied that his start-up had taken this step as a marketing gimmick and reiterated that it was done out of goodwill and represented astute business practice.

“There is no risk of moral hazard on part of Mr. Goswami; he knows how valuable his neck and throat are to him and to ‘your channel’, and he would take good care of them,” Ashok expressed confidence.

Sources at Bank Now inform that the start-up firm had initially approached Arnab with an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) insurance policy, but Arnab categorically dismissed the otolaryngological policy as “wrong” after giving a patient hearing to the policy’s terms and conditions for a continuous thirteen seconds.

“Mr. Goswami was quite excited over the throat insurance in the ENT offer and suggested to replace nose with neck, but he thought that the ear part was unnecessary and asked us how could we be so naïve and stupid,” a source at Bank Now informed.

“Arnab was quite sure that he didn’t need his ears functioning till his throat and neck were rocking,” the Bank Now source explained.

Confirming the mega deal, Bank Now also made it clear that they won’t offer the same insurance policy to anyone else in India now, especially to Arnab’s detractors, who scream and term Arnab as a “pain in the neck” after watching each and every episode of The Newshour that they never forget to miss.