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Arnab Goswami starts “Indian Institute of Outrage”, India’s first outrage school

09, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai, India:  Do you watch live TV shows everyday and feel like smashing your television with the remote? Do you freak out when you watch live flash mob performances at the malls? Do you have the experience of participating in apathetic candle light marches? Do you feel the resentment when beautiful girls call you ‘bhaiyya’ when they ask for time at bus-stops? Do you get agitated when your colleagues joke about your belly? Yes! You are indeed “outraged” and Indian Institute of Outrage is the right place for you!

Founded by the angriest journalist ever Arnab Goswami, Indian Institute of Outrage has been set-up in South Mumbai and is reportedly accepting admissions based on outrage entrance test. Fortunately, the admission doesn’t consider age of the prospect student. He/She only needs to have at-least one year experience of watching Times Now. Questions for admission will be around panelists’ reactions on News Hour Debate episodes aired over the last two years. “Master of Outrage” will be the degree awarded once the student completes his course and passes the examination.

“Institute of Outrage, where the hash-tags begin.”
“Institute of Outrage, where the hash-tags begin.”

Our reporters spoke to De who said, “Outrage is a feeling not to be suppressed. If it is suppressed, it would be like protesting with an empty banner. I appreciate Arnab for all the efforts he has put in to open up a school of outrage, which was always my dream. It is so sweet of Arnab to have named the baseless agitation department after me (Shobha De Centre for Baseless Outrage).”

In an inauguration ceremony held last week by the founder and director Arnab Goswami, the likes of Shobha De and Khushboo were invited as chief guests. Instead of lighting the lamp on a brass diya stand, De lighted candles with a cigarette lighter she had pulled out of her pocket. At the end of speeches given by outrage gurus from across the country, both De and Khushboo were given “Master of Outrage (Hons.)” degree.

With a great difficulty, we tried to reach Arnab as he was being escorted towards his car. From the window of his car, he quipped, “Remember! I might not have a point or proof but I’ll always have a hashtag. #JeSuisDisaster.”