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Arnab Goswami to conduct GDs at IIMs this year, debates to begin with conclusion

05, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Ahmedabad. In a recent development, IIMs have hired legendary vocalist Arnab Goswami to conduct Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds for the next session.

“Every year we see GDs turn into a fish market in front of us with everybody trying to outshout other, and finally we have to rely on PIs to take the final call on the candidates to be selected. Now we will see who even manages to utter a word, leave alone outshouting anyone,” said a visibly happy official of the CAT committee.

Arnab Goswami
Arnab clipping the tongue of a participant

However in a major deviation from the normally followed procedure world over in debates, these GDs will start with the conclusion itself, followed by the candidate displaying his quality and character by agreeing to it in different ways. This is being done at behest of Arnab and to suit his style.

“Arnab will decide the agenda, questions, and answers himself at the very beginning. Anyone found digressing from the same would then be subjected to a state where he would wish he had not given CAT,” director of IIM issued a warning to candidates.

Explaining their new methodology to Faking News, IIMs have revealed that they will shortlist anyone managing to speak for duration of more than 5 seconds in a 15-minute GD.

To make it within realms of possibility, phrases like “Arnab! Arnab! May I speak?” or “Please allow me to complete” would be counted.

Even Arnab is gung ho about the new assignment and has been conducting mock sessions with himself at his studios, sources say.

“This is IIM and not one of those other MBA colleges where you can get away by saying anything. I will ask tough questions and you will have to answer them,” was all our reporter could manage to hear every time he tried.

Meanwhile students are shocked at this development and are requesting IIMs to drop this plan by promising to be as pseudo civil as Yogendra Yadav in their demeanor and not creating a ruckus during the debates.

While many students are practicing debating with their audio players, unconfirmed sources say that some worried students have gone to Raj Thackeray to get this “problem” solved.