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Arnab grows restless, breaks into strong rooms where EVMs are kept to count votes himself

14, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Editor-in-chief of Times Now Arnab Goswami was today caught red handed in wee hours by booth officials, trying to break into Walkeshwar road strong room, in Malabar Hill area.

The news anchor was reportedly trying to break in only with the intention to count the votes in EVMs stored in the strong room, as he just could not wait any longer for the election results.

Arnab in the act..
Arnab in the act..

According to onlookers, just before barging in, he screamed, “The Nation can’t wait any longer now” and started hammering the lock to break it.

“With every hit, he would scream Never ever ever make me wait for so long for a result,” the onlooker disclosed.

As the noise levels rose, it alerted people around the area, and police officials who were guarding it immediately took him into custody.

“I am not some other journalist who you can arrest and get away with. I will expose you on Newshour,” Arnab was yelling as he was being led away Police.

When the news reached Times Now studio in Parel, people close to Arnab tried to defend him.

Arnab being arrested and forcefully led away by Police.
Arnab being arrested and forcefully led away by Police.

According to them, after having discussed every permutation and combination, and after debating the exit poll data threadbare for 2 days at stretch, Arnab was getting desperate for the results and his restlessness was growing by the day.

“Frankly, even the nation is restless, and we all know that Arnab knows the nation best,” a cameraman at Times Now told Faking News.

“He was even done discussing things like, what percentage of people wearing VIP underwear voted for Congress and BJP,” revealed Arnab’s subordinate.

As per his staff, he had even requested VS Sampath in an uncharacteristically polite manner to prepone the results.

“I jokingly told him let’s just break into the strong rooms, and count the votes ourselves to remain the come first in the race like always. Never knew he would take it so seriously,” Navika from Times Now confessed.

Meanwhile cashing in on the news, Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted, “Anchor of a leading news channel who gives sermons on honesty takes law into hands. Shocking but true! We believe in Restraint over Restlessness.”