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Arnab invites Pollard to take part in Newshour debates impressed with him wearing tape on his mouth

20, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Mumbai Indian’s Keiron Pollard’s act of putting tape on his mouth in yesterday’s game against RCB caught everybody’s eyes, including those of Arnab Goswami.

Excited at having found a perfect guest for their show, Arnab and his newshour team has invited maverick allrounder to come and take part in debates conducted by Arnab.

Not to be confused with a Newshour panelist
Not to be confused with a Newshour panelist

“That is how Arnab expects you to be on Newshour. Pollard is just perfect,” director of Newshour argued.

“This would also send strong message to other panelists on the show about the demeanour that is expected of them from Arnab,” he further went on to claim.

When asked in which capacity Pollard would come on the show, the show’s director said,” He could just be anyone on the show, a BJP spokesperson, AAP apologist or even N Srinivasan’s aide. At the end of the day, all he is supposed to do is not open his mouth and let Arnab do the talking.

“It is much better to have someone like him on the show than keep empty chairs,” he chuckled.

If all goes well, Pollard could well become the permanent fixture on the show just like Sanjay Jha.

And since IPL is the only form of cricket Pollard plays currently, after the tournament ends, he could be on Times Now’s payroll.

“Shouting down panelists on the show everyday is taking a toll on Arnab’s health. With age catching up on him, he is now looking for participants on whom he doesn’t have to spend much of his energy. Pollard is the perfect foil for him,” the producer of the show told Faking News.

Meanwhile once on board, Arnab is also planning to ask Pollard to change his name to Subramanian Swamy.

“Arnab sir will then rip him apart on TV to his heart’s content,” revealed a source close to Arnab.