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Arnab offered leader of opposition position by Congress

17, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai/New Delhi. Impressed with the way Times Now CEO (chief ego officer) Arnab Goswami has tried his best to corner BJP govt on his channel over the Lalit Modi- Sushma Swaraj row, Congress party has decided to offer him the position of leader of opposition.

Congress justified the offer by pointing that so far Arnab has done more wonderful a job than their current (unofficial) leader Mallikarjun Kharge in Lok Sabha.

“We are not even half as steadfast and proactive as him in demanding resignations of elected leaders from BJP,” confessed a senior leader from Congress on conditions of anonymity, “I mean in the last one year he may have demanded more resignations than the resignation seeking enthusiast Ravi Shankar Prasad did in his entire career.”

Arnab after knowing Congress' plans
Arnab after knowing Congress’ plans

Further pointing to the days during UPA rule when Arnab would grill Congress spokesperson on every damn issue , she said, “Only he can hype every issue and make it look as big as 2G scam,” she said while admitting how they still remember the way Arnab hyped Shashi Tharoor-Kochi Tusker IPL issue few years back, which even BJP had failed to piggy bank on initially.

“I mean we can miss an opportunity to question BJP, AAP or any other party, but we are certain he won’t,” she added.

“The only glitch we see is that he could end up questioning us and demanding resignations of whatever little MPs we have in Lok Sabha too,” she confessed.

Through Arnab, Congress intends to capture imagination of the urban voters in India.

“While Rahul ji is brilliantly doing the job of mobilizing the poor people, backward classes, dalits, minorities, aadivaasis etc of this country, we believe when it comes to shaping opinions of urban classes (which is normally seen to be with BJP), Arnab can play a huge role,” claimed Digvijay Singh.

However sources claim that one of the prime reasons for Congress hiring Arnab is that every time they question impropriety of the current govt, their leaders feel embarrassed.

Sources further say once Arnab accepts the offer, Congress would then also pitch in to replace existing question hour session in Lok Sabha with his Newshour.

Meanwhile latest reports claim that Arnab has flatly refused the offer and has called a debate tonight on how dare Congress even think of having him in their fold. Sources say Sanjay Jha has already started rehearsing about 2002 riots to counter Arnab tonight.