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Arnab reacts to Narayan Murthys ‘No big invention from India in 60 years’, says what about our hashtags

16, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Narayan Murthy unwittingly found himself in Arnab Goswami’s line of fire after he made a statement on how there have been no big inventions in India in 60 years.

Narayana Murthy apologizing to Arnab after realizing his mistake
Narayana Murthy apologizing to Arnab after realizing his mistake

The Editor-in-chief reacted sharply after Mr. Murthy said that most of the inventions have come from western universities and there have been no inventions from India that became household names or were earth-shattering in any way.

Mr Goswami contradicted Mr. Murthy’s opinion in his usual style while hosting a prime time debate centered on the topic. He said, “Mr. Murthy needs to wake up. How can he forget our hashtags. They have done for India what no western invention has done in the last 60 years. How can you forget #Lalitgate, #VVIPRacism, #Coalscam ? They are household names and more than earth-shattering. You give me a problem that is plaguing our country and I will invent a hashtag.”

Even other seasoned panelists who knew arguing with Arnab is futile, agreed that Mr. Murthy had overlooked the contribution of hashtags to the society.

Meanwhile, Narayana Murthy has called up the channel and offered to apologize saying that he made the statement just to motivate the student of IISc. But, it seems it was too late in the day as #WakeUpMurthy hashtag was already seen flashing on the news channel.