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Arnab says no water will be supplied during noise hour, those who need it can go to other news channels

16, Apr 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: It is no more a secret Arnab Goswami thinks about the farmers all the time. Being a humble man he is, does not want to take the full credit for everything he drives from TimesNow studio. 

But most of the people who watch and few who do not watch knows the impact he creates on TV screen every single day. Now it is for all including his sceptics to see the deep impact his #IndianPaniLeague initiative has created. It has forced the IPL organizers to shift their matches outside of Maharashtra post April 30th.

Arnab making it clear that there wont be water for the panelists
Arnab making it clear that there wont be water for the panelists

Arnab said, “It would have been travesty of justice if I allow water to be supplied to the participants who comes for news hour when state is facing such serious drought. Please note I run my channel TimesNow from Mumbai, Maharashtra unlike other channels operating from water rich states like Delhi where CM has so much water that he can afford to give it free.”

“For maximum one hour, cannot my participants manage without water? I cover many topics and rotate my participants in my three hour show, do not see any reason why anyone would need water when a debate is going on?” thundered Mr. Arnab and started a new initiative called #NoWaterDuringNewsHour.

“To make everyone’s life easier, I speak for ninety nine percent of the show time without taking a drop of water and you all mute spectators who are bought here to be passive participants only want to drink water and go away. This is something I will not allow anymore,” said Arnab

Couple of regular participants Mr. Sambit Patra of BJP and Mr. Sanjay Jha of Congress have asked their respective party heads not to nominate them to be news hour panelist.

Mr. Patra who is a doctor by qualification said, “During his show my BP goes up by fifty percent. Now to attend such marathon debate without water, who knows I might suffer from stroke during the show. I am sorry, at this age I do not want to commit suicide.”