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Arnab to test truthfulness of the lie-detector device before it is used for Indrani's questioning

01, Sep 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: The investigation team currently working on Sheena Bora case has reportedly sought help from the noted journalist, outrage expert and Autonomous Justice of India: Arnab Goswami, for making sure that Indrani Mukherjea’s questioning is completely fool-proof.

Arnab testing the lie detector machine
Arnab testing the lie detector machine

Speaking to Faking News, a source from the Forensics department said, “This is unlike any other case we have handled before. A regular investigation will not take us to the root of the crime. That is why we asked for a specialized lie-detector from the US.”

In spite of having purchased high-profile equipment from the US, the investigation team wasn’t fully confident of its precision.

They were also afraid of the possibility of someone reprogramming the equipment just like the defective voting machines pre-selecting a party symbol on the day of voting.

Impressed with Arnab’s prowess for providing quick-fire justice, the head of the team is believed to have sent him an email asking for a formal inspection of the device.

“We believe in Arnab Goswami and his ability to extract truth on national television. He provides justice at super-sonic speeds, even before the panelists speak to give their versions. I sincerely hope the lie-detector device gives in to Arnab and functions properly while Indrani is being questioned,” said Jasoos Kumar as he was waiting to receive Arnab at their office.

Sources warn that the device might actually stop working if it dodges the questions asked by Arnab as part of its initial diagnosis in which case the investigation team will order a new machine.

Meanhwhile, the design team which arrived from US with the lie detector, was seen discussing with Arnab about design modifications.

“We are talking about the future of lie detectors. A device that can read between the lines, handle multiple inputs, similar to how Arnab handles multiple panelists and come up with seemingly accurate results in just an hour,” said a designer working on the prototype.