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Arnab’s voice reaches news studio of another channel, disturbs their panelists

16, Feb 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: Mr Khabarwala, CEO of a newly launched news channel ‘Broken News’ is a really worried man these days. The problem, the channel is unable to run its news programs in a quiet and dignified manner because Arnab Goswami’s voice is reaching their news studio and disturbing the panelists. 

Arnab Goswami
Arnab Goswami asking a question to the panelist in neighboring news studio

Speaking to Faking News, Mr Khabarwala said, “To be honest when we chose Lower Parel in Mumbai as our studio location, we had anticipated Arnab’s voice cutting through the walls and reaching our studio. He is always so loud and clear you know. We hired the best acoustics consultant out there, used double soundproofing in our studio and even gave headphones to all our panelists but alas, our investment seems to have gone to waste.

“Initially when we started hearing Arnab’s voice, we thought someone in our office is watching Times Now. We asked every TV set to be switched off but still some of our panelists were replying to questions being asked by Arnab instead of listening to our anchor. We immediately cut the live feed and did our investigation and realized that Arnab is conducting Newshour in his studio across the road. This is a nightmare”, said an exasperated Khabarwala.

As per sources, Mr Khabarwala has invested huge amounts of money in getting this office space in Mumbai but is now thinking about cutting his losses and moving to Delhi NCR.

“I thought I will build a Pan-India news channel and not a local Delhi channel like everyone else. That is why I kept my news studio far away from Delhi but now I realize why only Times Now is based in Mumbai and everyone else in NCR. They are just ensuring Arnab’s voice doesn’t reach them. I will do something similar”, Mr Khabarwala explained his future plan.

However, News debate experts are calling this an overreaction by Mr Khabarwala. “News debates are all about noise. The more, the merrier. If Arnab’s voice is reaching their studio then it adds to the noise making it a great experience for everyone. What is the problem?” asked professional news debater Ms Shobhna Dey.