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Around 100 pimples threaten suicide after watching Virat's new facewash commercial 

17, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Virat Kohli’s new facewash commercial, which was shared by the cricketer on his twitter handle, has not gone well will those who were unfortunate enough to see it. The ad shows the Indian team captain rapping to song reminiscent of She’s Got the Look by Roxette with Rishabh Pant in tow, where Virat advises Pant to use a particular brand of facewash to get rid of pimples.

virat ad

The cringe-worthy affair has also got a group of pimples, who call themselves as Breakout, now threatening to commit suicide if the video is not taken down.

The per a spokesperson for the group, it was not the facewash or it’s anti-bacterial action that they were against. It was just how bad the entire package looked. “This is not the first time a facewash ad has made claims to give you a pimple free look. But those were good commercials. This one was just not up to the mark,” remarked a pimple.

“We have been vilified on earlier occasions too. But this time it has hurt our self-esteem,” added another member.

BCCI has washed its hands off the matter and said that the matter does not come under its purview.

The Breakouts now want the Govt to intervene. A letter has also been sent to the Advertising Standards Council of India. Neither Virat nor Rishabh responded to our emails and text messages on this issue.

Meanwhile, a bunch of youngsters our reporters spoke with extended their support to the pimples. “We’d rather have a few zits here and there than watch that ad,” said a college goer from Delhi.