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Athletics Federation Chief faints on Newshour, complains that he was not provided water for one hour during marathon debate

24, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Arnab Goswami may have taken the case of PO Jaisha to highlight the apathy of Sports Federation towards its atletes, but it seems like the case of Athletics Federation Chief, who fainted on an hour long marathon news hour debate after he was not provided with water on the show, will soon overshadow OP Jaisha.

The Marathon Debate that saw a panelist faint due to dehydration
The Marathon Debate that saw a panelist faint due to dehydration

CP Velspun, Chief of Athletics Federation of India made his grievance very clear when the accused the NewsHour anchor Arnab Goswami of not providing him with a drop of water even as he battled with the accusations and call for resignation on the debate.

Apparently, the barrage of questions and the searing heat of the ‘Burning Questions’ flame proved too much for much for Mr. Velspun, who collapsed on the table just seconds after the debate was over.

Sources say that the AFI Chief was taken to a nearby medical center in a severely dehydrated state. “Yes he was admitted late yesterday night. We had to pump 7 bottles of Common Sense and 5 bottles of Empathy to get vital stats back to normal,” said a doctor at the nearby medical center.

Mr. Velspun’s representative spoke to our reporter and said, “While other panelists were provided water every 10mins and a soft drink during every commercial break. Mr. Velpsun’s table was empty and even after asking for a glass of water, the channel did not provide him any drink. Not just that Mr. Goswami kept asking him questions even during the break. Mr. Velspun however valiantly continued with the debate and collapsed only after the debate was over.”

“I could have died there,” said Mr. Velspun during a short media briefing and blamed Arnab Goswami’s apathy for the fainting incident. He also asked Arnab to step down as the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now.

The channel however refused to comment on the incident and said that action will be taken after analyzing report of internal inquiry committee headed by Arnab Goswami.