To avoid crowded news studio, Republic TV to have just Sambit Patra as panelist on news debate till 14th April

27, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Republic TV today announced that it will limit the number of panelists on its popular news debate hosted by Arnab Goswami.


The debate, which till now had a crowd of panelists that reminded one of Dadar railway station, will now have just Sambit Patra on the show.

The show will continue to have the just the BJP spokesperson till 14th April.

“With the Govt doing its very best to stop the virus spread, we at Republic TV will do everything to fight this disease together. Even if it means having just one panelist on our show. It is a painful decision for us and me personally. But it has to be done keeping hte larger interest in mind,” said Arnab Goswami.

The channel had on earlier occasion proactively limited the number of panelists on its show to just three. But this time around, the action was taken based on specific orders by State Government.

“The number of panelists on our show at any point of time are so much that it can easily passed off as a district. And with lockdown being announced across the state, we too are complying with the orders,” he added.

Sambit Patra extended his support and said that he’d camp inside the newsroom if need be.

Speaking to Faking News, the BJP spokesperson said, “I welcome the decision. I am ready to stay inside the news room if required. In fact, I hardly go home even on regular days. And spend most my time running between news studios.”

Many viewers weren’t too enthused with the idea of panelists being cut down. With the prospect of their daily dose of drama losing its touch, some fans of the show were now looking to switch to other channels for entertainment.

But the channel, which reassuring its viewers, said that they have managed to get on board some bollywood script writers to ensure that audiences are riveted to TV screens.