Monday, 6th April, 2020


Bandra girl rejects offer to take up Modi’s twitter handle for one day, says “Twitter doesn’t have Fuchsia color theme”

03, Mar 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. As India was scratching its head over a cryptic tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he may soon go on a social media detox, the prime minister has finally cleared the air behind his decision.


And it is all about celebrating women on the occasion of Women’s Day. Modi will give his twitter account to some inspirational woman for her to handle it for one day. As soon as the offer came to a Bandra girl named Shanaya, she rejected it as twitter doesn’t have any fuchsia-colored theme. Shanaya tried to match the Twitter theme with her nail polish color, but that did not happen. She is very particular about the color combinations and tries to choose social media accounts and only when they offer themes matching her mood or preferences.

Not the offer will be given to some other ladies. Rumors are that even Ranu Mondal will be offered the role of being the social media backroom staff for PM Modi’s world-famous accounts. Twitter has taken the suggestions from South Delhi and Bandra girls to introduce some new themes in their next update.