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Bangalore will not have water problem this season as most of the potholes are full; water level running close to danger mark

07, Jun 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: After BBMP commissioner Nanje Gowda announced this piece of divine news in a hurriedly called packed press conference, he received thunderous applause from public as well as journalists. Many could not believe like Aamir Khan’s cricket team in Lagaan that after being battered by the traffic pollution through the day they will have some water to take bath.

Faking news journalist who attended the press conference met Mr. Gowda for one on one interview to know more about this. Mr. Gowda told us “city has close to 1 crore population including 20 lakh techies. We have seen many techies like their engineering days are reluctant to take bath every day and there are some who are happy to go out of the city during weekends. Due to the shared sacrifice of such techies, city is running ok in spite of severe water shortage we faced for last few years.”

Mr. Gowda told us “City needs about 1500 million liters per day and we can manage 1000 million liters through Cauvery Amma. Rest of the water mostly will come from the water stored in the potholes & as such I do not have much hope on borewells. Luckily for us the roads did not last even pre-monsoon showers and gave up. Trucks, Lorries, BMTC helped in making the potholes big and deep. Though I feel comfortable with the quantity of water stored, little nervous too as some of the big ones have water level close to danger mark and last thing I want is wastage of these precious water spilling over to roads ”.

Enough water supply. Thanks to potholes
Enough water supply. Thanks to potholes

When we asked about the commuters using the same road, Mr. Gowda told “we cannot have best of both worlds. As such traffic speed has slowed down over the years due heavy density of vehicles and these potholes will help in slowing them even further. We are concerned about public falling in to potholes, however I have confidence in public that they will be able to maneuver the potholes through their skills.  In fact in last few years city police has added the extra test of checking the driving skills in potholed filled roads before issuing driving license”.

Faking news enquired whether BBMP will maintain these potholes or fill them after monsoon. Mr. Gowda told “Ideally we would have preferred to maintain them. Due to lack of sufficient space on the heavily congested roads & public safety, we might have to temporarily fill them and I am sure by next season most of the old ones will be back in bigger in size & some new ones would be added”.

Faking news was interested to know how the waters from big potholes will reach consumer’s home. Mr Gowda told “tankers are ready to help. As such not much water left to draw through borewells, they have agreed to bid in the tendering process for which we will come out with a circular soon. Tankers are showing maximum interest for old madras road which has a long history with potholes”.