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Now Vince McMahon offers to host Barkha Dutt vs Arnab Goswami fight during Summerslam

29, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Greenwich, Connecticut: American professional wrestling promoter and WWE CEO Vince McMahon has jumped into the ongoing media fight in India and offered to settle it once and for all. Mr. McMahon has offered to host a Barkha Dutt vs Arnab Goswami fight during the upcoming WWE extravaganza, Summerslam.

Arnab Barkha
This Summerslam, Arnab vs Barkha on pay-per-view TV

Mr. McMahon is not the first person to offer to host a fight between these 2 journalists; some journalists have already offered to host their debate on their channels. However, Mr. McMahon is the only one who wants to make this verbal fight a physical battle.

The current argument between Barkha and Arnab started when Arnab criticized the coverage from Kashmir of some journalists. Ms Dutt took it personally and since then, journalists are the ones making news in India.

“India is one of our biggest markets outside USA and we were looking for a showpiece fight where we can use a couple of Indians to promote ourselves. For a long time, we had Khali but nobody else from India who could match up to him. Then I read this story about journalists fighting and it intrigued me. Journalists taking their fight to the ring will definitely be something new and should help our ratings. If other news channels can offer to host this fight to boost their ratings then why can’t we?” Mr. McMahon asked.

“Those 2 can settle their differences permanently and this could be start of something big for us as well. We can become something like a Fight Club; any two people who have differences in life can come and settle it here. However, the only condition is that you must be famous else you can fight in some street corner”, Mr. McMahon added.

While Barkha Dutt has already accepted this offer and is getting ready for Summerslam, Arnab Goswami has refused this offer. As per sources, Arnab wants a tag team match as he always brings Maroof Raza to a big fight.