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BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra's family comes to meet him in newsroom after he fails to return home for a week

29, Jun 2018 By @jurnoleast

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra had an emotional reunion with his family after they turned up at the newsroom of a local media house. Sources say that it was a desperate attempt by the family after Sambit failed to return home for a week.

Dubbed as a permanent fixture on news debates, Sambit has been hopping across newsrooms to represent BJP, which has led to some anxious moments for his family. There was a thought of lodging a missing person complaint at the local police station. But then someone suggested that we check out the local news studio.

“We don’t get to see him for weeks. Sometimes he doesn’t pick up our calls. So we thought of coming to the news studio to get a glimpse. His aunt has even prepared his favorite dish, which hopefully we will all sit together and have,” said a cousin.

Family members have made attempts to get close to Mr. Patra on earlier occasions  too. Once, his uncle turned up as panelist on the debate to have a conversation with him. Others have been sending him messages through Arnab.

“Even when he is at home he is in the ‘debate mode’. Most of the time with his hand raised and saying ‘allow me to speak’. That too when no one is interrupting him,” Sambit’s maternal uncle said with concern.

In his defence Sambit Patra said that with so many news channels, his job as a spokesperson is not easy.

But his family is not having any of his excuses and is now planning to construct a newsroom inside their house and invite Sambit as a panelist to somehow get him to return home.