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BJP to skip Republic TV debates, party says their spokespersons are just repeating Arnab's statements anyway

01, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Arnab Goswami’s newly launched channel Republic TV may have been getting more and more TRPs but it looks like they won’t get any representative from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) now for their debates. BJP President Amit Shah came up with this decision after observing that their party spokespersons spend all the debates nodding when Arnab speaks and then repeating what Arnab has just spoken. Since they were redundant there, these leaders will be sent to other channels for the debates.

Main Hoon Na

Confirming the development, a senior BJP leader said, “Yes it is true that we wont be sending any official representative for the debates on Republic TV. Arnab is handling everything nicely so there is nothing much for us to add there. He launches all these attacks on the opposition and we start wondering whether we are from BJP or he is. Anyway, it is clear to our leadership that we are just wasting our time on those debates and that time can be used more usefully elsewhere.”

Republic TV hasn’t officially reacted to this news yet though they have experience of certain political parties skipping their debates. A Faking News source inside Republic TV said ,”How does it matter who is coming for the debates or not, bolna to Arnab ne hi hai. We have 10-12 windows on the screen for every debate, some guests leave without getting the chance to speak even once. With BJP not sending their spokesperson, maybe these poor souls will get the chance to say something.”

Meanwhile, as per sources, Republic TV has stopped recruiting journalists for now and started recruiting only lawyers to keep up with all the lawsuits coming their way.