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Blank news report on Narendra Modi receives 3720 comments

23, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A news report about Narendra Modi, which was accidentally left blank by a leading news website, received over three thousand comments within a couple of hours of it being published. The report titled “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Narendra Modi”, which appears like a headline template in the CMS software, received mixed responses from hundreds of commentators who trolled toiled hard to debate the “merits” of the news story.

“Ah, a headline on NaMo in Italian? Finally the media running on Italian money is showing its true colors!” read one of the top comments by a commentator calling himself/herself “Nationalist4Life”, who mistook the “Lorem ipsum” text for being some Italian text.

Narendra Modi
It was not clear whether Modi was found guilty or proved innocent after the fierce online debate

When another commentator pointed out that it was a default Latin text, and not any sentence in Italian, “Nationalist4Life” claimed total victory: “Most of the Indian news organizations were getting their orders from the Vatican City, the only place in modern world where Latin was officially spoken. The headline in Latin proves it!”

“Down with all you Modi supporters! His days are numbered. SIT is going to nail this mass murderer,” claimed “SecularRajni”, perhaps referring to the text “sit” in the headline. “SecularRajni” then went out to post links to various reports indicting Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots, and praised the news website for fearless journalism. His comments were counter-argued and “SecularRajni” was identified as a paid Congress agent by many.

“Wonderful, that’s why Gujarat is India’s most developed state under Modi’s able leadership,” read another comment left by a user, who could probably see some new insight into the blank report. However, this comment was also counter-argued by the other set of users, who claimed that the Gujarat Chief Minister had killed the Isabgol industry in the state and Gujarat was now falling behind in terms of development.

“Are you guys fucking crazy?! Can’t you see that the report is blank and the headline text is garbled?” read one of the few comments that were neither pro nor anti-Modi, but none of such comments received any response from the other active commentators.

The link to the blank news report was also widely tweeted and shared across social networking websites by various users. Many criticized the report for being biased while others praised it for coming out with truth over the “issue”.

Faking News team went through all the comments left by the users on the report, but couldn’t understand the issue either in the comments or, ostensibly, in the blank report.

“The issue is Narendra Modi,” the web administrator of the news website later told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “387,000 page-views already!”