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Bookies fixing Kabaddi matches unhappy with no media attention

02, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Leading bookies and gamblers betting during Kabaddi matches have expressed huge disappointment with Indian media for having ignored their achievements.

“These news channels are behaving as if cricket is the only field where fixing and corruption is taking place. We have been contacting reporters to interview us and break news about how Kabaddi matches are fixed, but bloody no one listens,” Kobad Duddi, a leading bookie told Faking News.

Kabaddi match
Kabaddi is not the only other field where ongoing and rampant corruption is being ignored in favor of non-stop news coverage on IPL and BCCI

Kobad tells us that there is a big betting industry running around Kabaddi matches but nobody seems to care because there is no Bollywood connection or involvement of big political names.

“We are being treated like second class citizens even though we work harder,” Kobad said, “It is not easy to spot-fix Kabaddi matches, especially the domestic ones. You see, the players are almost naked, wearing just chaddis, they can’t even tuck in towels there and hope not to be noticed.”

When asked why anyone would bet on Kabaddi matches that no one seems to watch, Kobad started laughing at our “urban ignorance”.

“This country is more than what you see on TV or read in English newspapers. There is huge market for Kabaddi matches, and even bigger market for betting. People bet on anything and everything,” Kobad claimed.

“And you seem to have forgotten that Pakistani Kabaddi players were accused of match-fixing three years back. Yes, I fixed that match,” he made the startling revelation.

Saala, I even offered to act in a sting operation and claim how we fix domestic and international matches, but no one is interested,” Kobad, the “Kabaddi enthusiast” rued.

Frustrated with being ignored by the media as well as the police, bookies are planning to join Twitter and Facebook and expose themselves.

“I am already following Lalit Modi and plan to tweet to him claiming that N Srinivasan is also involved in Kabaddi match-fixing; I’m sure he will re-tweet and finally we’d be noticed,” Kobad hoped.