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Burdwan locals plan to repeat 'Warzone Hisar' to grab media's attention to their place

22, Nov 2014 By manithan

Burdwan: The locals have decided to form a chain around the suspected bomb manufacturing companies in Burdwan of West Bengal, under the claims of godman hiding there, so that they get the attention of media.

The past two months saw an unusual silence on the part of media with respect to West Bengal. While few news channels tried to cover the news related to bomb manufacturing hub of West Bengal, most of them just took up the issue, just for a day or so. While the issue is still simmering in that state and the security agencies are busy nabbing the terrorists, the news channels instead focused on private weddings, which solved the poverty of nation in a single day.

Sensing that the media is avoiding them, the residents of Burdwan had met in the past two days and came up with a solution to make their place famous. The convener of the meeting, Satish Chattopadhyaya, said, “We are on the edge of anger. Do not put words in our mouth. These news channels always used to shout at the top of their voices for even petty issues. And, here they have found people making bombs in the office of ruling party members and none of them, not even a single one has even interviewed us. We will make sure that those news channels hear us. We will make sure that our voice is heard to Arnab’s ear overcoming his own voice.”

Something like this will be recreated in Burdwan.
Something like this will be recreated in Burdwan.

When we asked what is their plan, Satish continued, “We will convey via our relatives working in Mumbai and Delhi to tell news channels that some Hindu godman is hiding here in West Bengal with bombs and weapons. For sure, they will turn their cameras here and camp here for 8 to 9 days. That is enough for us to brag ourselves before our relatives. See, how the people of Hisar were bragging before camera. One news channel has declared it as war zone and even given commentary for 5 days like a test cricket. If they could risk their lives there, why can’t they come here and step on bombs our streets?”

He then started sobbing, “When I went to ask for bride for my son in Kolkatta five days back, they were laughing at my face, for inability to appear in any news channels after Burdwan blasts. Even though I’m the most respected man in this town, people are talking behind my back that I am not even fit for few seconds appearance in any news channels. This is a big insult. I need to improve my town leader image. I need to appear in news channels to say few words about what is happening in Burdwan over the past few weeks. This is my only chance for limelight. We won’t get any more coverage, if we miss this chance.”

When we were leaving, a college student came to us with sad face and told us, “Please go and spread fake news among news channels that around 20,000 women and children are sitting outside a Hindu godman’s hut in Burdwan. And also add some butter like, he is friend of RSS and Modi once came to meet him. For sure, the whole news channels will pitch their tents here for one more month. We are fed up of news channels totally avoiding us. It even makes us believe, what the news channel investigation have revealed, that, NIA is spreading false info about a bomb, that never blasted in Burdwan. Prove to us that this is not engineering of riots by BJP for elections.”

We then put forward this issue to editors and reporters of various news channels. They said that they were unable to hear what we spoke and also they don’t know of  a place called Burdwan in India. One of the editors asked us, “West Bengal is the one which is West of Bay of Bengal right? You are showing a place north of it and saying it is West Bengal. Don’t try to cheat us, you sanghi!”