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Buzzfeed writer who wrote '7 ways to increase traffic on your article' gets fired for not getting enough traffic on his article

23, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: The current format on the internet which is a rage are the listicles on almost every topic, even on the topis where actually lists don’t make any sense. 7 ways to tell if your husband loves you or not, 9 ways to keep your job, 11 ways to get the perfect photo of Taimur and what not. I mean why can’t there be 12 ways to keep our job, why is it only 9, what research went into finding out that there are only 9 ways.


A recent list published on a famous platform ‘Buzzfeed’ literally took away the job of a writer. Yes, Shwetank Srivastava had to lose his job as he didn’t get enough traffic on his article. Shwetank had been under pressure since long to deliver a hit article but was losing connect with his audience. After a lot of research and discussions with the technology team at his office, he wrote a piece on ways to get good traffic on your article if you are a writer. He wrote it with interest and described the 7 ways aesthetically. In fact, the editorial team at Buzzfeed was quite impressed with his list and thought that this is the article which will help him hold on to his job.

But the internet has a funny way of operating. Sometimes the most boring stories get you enough traffic and sometimes the interesting ones don’t fetch a penny. And Shwetank went through the later. His story was one of the least traffic generating pieces in the history of Buzzfeed articles. And the most feared moment actually arrived when he received a mail from his editor saying he is no longer required in the team. We hope that at least the people who read about Shwetank’s article would get good traffic on their articles.