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CBI to conduct recruitment drive for journalists to fill in vacant detective positions

07, Sep 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being considered as a ‘welcome move’ by media fraternity, the Central Bureau of Investigation has reportedly tendered notifications regarding various job positions to be occupied at the entry level, with a surprising eligibility criteria for detectives that only journalists who hog the limelight frequently will be eligible to apply.

Journalist found preparing for CBI Entrance in the serenity of parks
Journalist found preparing for CBI Entrance in the serenity of parks

Speaking to Faking News, the CBI spokesperson said, “The new trend of media trial is really interesting, in a sense that it reduces the job pressure for all those dealing with intricacies of high profile cases. An investigator can simply watch channels like Times Now and get the required evidence for further processing. A few police stations in the capital city have already started experimenting with this. Now they have newly installed LED TVs playing Times Now continuously.”

“Recently, city police had extracted the phone number of an on-the-run accused just by watching Times Now diligently. If this continues, the police department might actually end up saving a lot of fuel just by paying attention to media-run parallel courts, instead of searching for criminals in the wrong places. Media trial is #AcheDin. Don’t you think?” said Mr. Jasoosilal as he continued to explain more.

“Our top brass is really impressed with the media stalwarts cracking mysteries with just pen, paper and TRP motive; ending up shooting the bull’s eye every single time. We have started this new initiative where entry level detective positions will be fulfilled strictly by candidates with journalistic experience and limelight hogging capabilities. Outrage and communication will be nice to have,” ended Mr. Jasoosilal as he stuck job tenders on a nearby telephone pole.

Sources say eminent journalists have already applied for multiple job positions with the CBI while some over-confident scribes have resigned from jobs and are serving notice periods at their respective media houses. On the other hand, CBI is still sticking job notification ads at public places.