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"Check for cows in the area", Senior news editor asks reporter after policeman's lynching in Srinagar

23, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a tragic incident, a DSP with Jammu & Kashmir police, Mohammed Ayub Pandith, was beaten to death late last night in the Nowhatta area of Srinagar. Ayub Pandith was deployed for the security of separatist leader Mirwaiz Farooq. After the initial shock and outrage, news channels are now wondering how to cover this particular incident of mob lynching.

Ayub pandith
Challenge for journalism today- How to link his death to cows?

Explaining the dilemma several media outlets are facing, a senior editor said ,”Well, obviously we can’t ignore this public lynching but at the same time, we can’t cover any lynching if we can’t link it to cows and beef. We are sitting on the horns of dilemma here and initial reports aren’t too encouraging, nobody saw a cow in the vicinity. Therefore, I have asked our ace investigative reporter to go to Srinagar immediately and check for cows within a 10 Kilometer radius of the incident.”

When we asked how they will link random cows to the lynching, he said ,”Are you doubting our ability? When we can link Jharkhand lynchings to cows then what is the big deal in Srinagar? We just need to be sure that there were cows in the area. Fact-check is a very important part of journalism today, especially in this post-truth world.”

Meanwhile, when Faking News approached the government for their reaction to this barbaric incident, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said ,”Our priority is to provide security to the separatist leaders. As long as they are safe, the situation is under control.”

After this statement, several policemen of J&K police declared support for separatists to ensure their safety.