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Citizens apologize to news editors for not reporting on Assam floods

30, Aug 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Citizens across Mumbai have collectively issued an apology to news editors for ignoring floods in Assam and not reporting on them extensively. Questions were raised by several news editors over lack of coverage of Assam floods in the media and Mumbaikars have put their hands up and taken full responsibility for it.

Assam floods
Why are citizens not covering Assam floods 24X7?

As Mumbai roads got flooded yesterday after the heavy rains, every news channel started covering the Mumbai rains and ran minute by minute coverage from the financial capital of India. Every drop of rain was captured by media and this focus led several news editors to question the difference in media coverage between Assam and Mumbai floods.

Speaking to Faking News, a Dadar resident said ,”As responsible citizens, it is our duty to cover all the important news from every corner of the country but we dropped the ball in Assam. We totally ignored the floods there but talked about the flooding outside our homes nonstop for the past 24 hours. After reading all the tweets from news editors criticizing the lack of coverage of Assam, we realized how selfish we have been. We sincerely apologize for our mistake and promise to correct it as soon as possible.”

Another Mumbai resident from Parel echoed similar sentiments. He said ,”I am immediately leaving for Assam. From there, I will update live pictures of the floods and will provide details of the relief measures needed in the state. As citizens, it is our duty to cover news from remote places.”

Several news editors have appreciated this apology but have also asked why is there no coverage of Gorkhaland agitation in the media.