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Coming soon: A fiction based news reality show - The News That Wasn’t

04, Jan 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai. Encouraged by its ability to manufacture news on the go, a leading media house is planning to come up with a new show called ‘The News That Wasn’t’, sources told some other sources while our sources plagiarized the news. The confidence in the ability to create news comes from the recent adventures by some media houses where they published news where there wasn’t any.

“If existing media people can fake about Mr Bachchan, Sachin TendulkarArun Jaitley and get away with it then believe me the expectations are pretty high here”, a highly placed source told Shaitaan Khopdi™.

The fiction based news reality show will have following four rounds and will test contestants on various parameters that are needed to manufacture news that doesn’t exist.

Smoke Without Fire: Who says there is no smoke without fire. We can make a smoke appear menacing when there is no fire at all. Passing off bogus news in the name of ‘Sources’ is skill journalism thrives on and first round is specially designed to test this skill. Fake news that disguise sources well and cannot be cross checked against facts will get bonus points. Contestants will learn important lesson of journalism such as ‘Targeting a celebrity that doesn’t have presence in social media to clear the air’

The lens of news – how media helps see you the world.

Agenda Uncha Rahe Hamara: In this round participants will be asked to let the imagination go wild with political agenda of their choice and manufacture news that can generate maximum outrage on social media. Those who can generate most extraneous noise stand good chance to win this round.

“We have industry seniors who can report a clash between two sections of same community in a way it appears like a full communal riot. Creating a five-minutes-of-fame for yourself in an industry that has set such high benchmarks is not going to be easy. One has to literally think out of the box to create stories,” explained yet another source.

#SayingItMyWay: If it’s not with hashtags, it’s not news. Contestants will be asked to invent crazy hashtags for seemingly simple news and trend them on Twitter such as #OneYearOnNoChargesheetAgainstBapuJi, #FreeSadhwiPragyaModiJiPleaseInterfere, #10MillionSRKFanNoMatchTo9MillionSalmaniacs and #HNYSucksKick300CroresInFirstWeek

Twist In The Tale: In the last and deciding round contestant has to cry victim when their fake news is caught by Social Media. “Trick to win this round is to selectively retweet the abuse you receive after your bluff is called,” said Sagarika Ghose who has agreed to appear as judge in the show.

Rajat Sharma from Aap Ki Adalat and Punya Prasoon Bajpayi are also expected to make appearance as judges in the show that aspires to be apolitical in nature.

As per the latest information Rajdeep Sardesai will host the show if all the contestants agree to launch his book and promise to buy a copy each.