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IT company fires 80 employees who quietly left for home during mock fire drill

17, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Around 80 employees from an IT company in Bengaluru were given marching orders after they quietly left for home while mock fire drill was being conducted at the office premises. The drill was conducted to check fire readiness in case of emergency. And as per instructions, all employees were expected to assemble in the parking lot for a briefing by the fire department.


But post the drill it was observed that most cubicles in the office were empty. That is when HR decided to take attendance where it was found that 80 employees left for the day without informing their seniors.

Livid top management then took the decision to relieve the absconders of their duties. Many of those who got fired are from middle management.

When Faking News tried speaking to the HR they tried to downplay the incident. “Layoffs are part of the IT industry and this particular case of 80 employees is a routine downsizing exercise and is not related to the mock fire drill,” said the Chief HR Officer.

But internal mails accessed by our reporter tell a different story. Apparently, many employees took the excuse of fire drill and were found in a nearby shady bar and restaurant. Few others were spotted in a movie theater.

In their defense, the employees say that the mock drill was conducted on Friday when most employees anyway leave early. But that excuse doesn’t seem to be cutting any ice with the company at the moment. The employees who actually got fired in a fire drill are now planning to write to the CM of the state seeking his intervention.