Coronavirus enters Arnab’s debate show, team of doctors called in to save Coronavirus

24, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The Indian government has suspended online visa facility for China. This was after the second case was confirmed in (Kerala) India. Now, three coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Kerala.


But the very recent was confirmed in Mumbai in the studios where Arnab does his prime time debate. The case was reported today when panelists experienced uneasiness for a few seconds but after that, it was just like a normal show. Coronavirus had no effect on the show and even researchers have said that if the decibel levels are uncontrolled it may kill the virus.

But the virus has to be protected as it helps in studying and making vaccines. And that is the reason that a team of expert doctors was called in immediately to rescue the virus. The doctors told the Faking News Reporters that the virus had become very weak after listening to all those high decibel arguments and Arnab’s high pitch voice.

But after treating in the ICU, the virus is intact now and will now be supplied to the vaccine making companies to do research on. Arnab at first was scared of the virus but as soon as he came to know that no virus can survive in the Republic studio, he declared the Republic studio as the best in the world.