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Court grants divorce to couple fighting like TV news panelists

17, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After seven long years of legal battle, a couple from Delhi has been granted divorce after they declared in a court that they had started fighting like panelists on any television news channel. The court ruled that the situation was indeed grave and the mental health of the couple was at risk if divorce was not granted.

“We had been arguing that the couple had frequent fights,” said Ram Jhoothmalani, one of the divorce lawyers, a bit disappointed at the case ending so soon, as he had planned for ten years of income.

The Newshour debate
Court said that at worst couples could fight like parliamentarians, but not as panelists on any television news debate.

Jhoothmalani told Faking News that last year he had feared the case coming to an end as the other lawyer argued that the couple fought like dogs.

“Thankfully the judge thought it was not too serious,” Jhoothmalani said, “Maybe because even some lawyers fight like dogs. Don’t know. But the case dragged on as I told my friend not to come up with such arguments again.”

However, early this week, the husband Arnab (name changed), told the court that he and his wife Sagorika (name changed) had started fighting as if some TV news debate was going on in the house.

This was noted by the judge and he immediately granted divorce to the couple.

“We try our best that couples get enough time to resolve their differences, and that’s why we don’t grant divorces immediately even if both the partners agree,” the judge ruled, “However, we can’t push couples into a situation where they become unfit for any relationship.”

The court ruled that fights between couples were not uncommon, and sometimes they hinted that the relationship was still alive in some way. However, a television news panel style of fight proves that the relationship had turned totally fake like TV news debates.

“Fight, but fight like humans,” the court observed.