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Despite the best efforts by news channels, man forgets 26/11

26, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. The whole nation was shell-shocked when Amar Sabbhulkar, a 26-year-old unemployed youth, forgot that it was first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks on Thursday. This despite the fact that all the news channels of India were relentlessly trying to remind everyone that Mumbai was attacked and hundreds of innocent people were killed exactly a year back. Amar’s atrocious amnesia came to the fore when he appeared live on ABS News.

“What are we discussing here? Why have you called these models and actresses? And you just played that music video, why? I’m sorry I’m completely at loss and I can’t think straight. Are we discussing some film that is going to be released tomorrow? What is that ‘lest we forget’ stuff at the backstage? What are we forgetting here? Please help me, I can’t recall anything.” Amar appeared totally baffled and scatterbrained in the middle of the ABS (Always Breaking Some) News’ Live show called “Mumbai has won”.

Taj Hotel was put on fire again and again on television screens lest people forgot 26/11
Taj Hotel was put on fire again and again on television screens lest people forgot 26/11

Sakar Sharma, the ABS newsreader who was anchoring the show, screamed as soon as Amar expressed his failure to recall the 26/11 events. “Irresponsible people like Amar are letting us down!” Sakar pronounced with his index finger pointing towards the sky and his burning eyes looking straight into the camera, before he directly addressed Amar by pointing the finger at him, “Can’t you recall how our countrymen were butchered like lambs a year back. How can you forget Amar? We had showed all those stuff Live and Exclusive! Can you recall now?”

Amar couldn’t recall a stuff as an offended nation watched him blabbering live on television. Finally Sakar had to announce a commercial break after his repeated attempts to make Amar recall the events of 26/11 failed flat. During the break Amar was taken away from the live show and handed over to his friends. “Mumbai has won” resumed after this minor hiccup with all the guests vivid with their memories and demanding some sort of action to be taken against the problems.

“I don’t know what happened to him suddenly. He has a good memory and he remembered everything till yesterday. And tell me, how can you forget the events of 26/11? You forget something only when there is some change or considerable time has elapsed. There hardly has been any change on any front and it’s just been a year.” Amar’s friend Sameer told Faking News as he took away Amar from the venue of “Mumbai has won”.

Amar was later taken to a hospital. He is apparently the only Indian being treated for such sort of amnesia, as the rest of the India thinks they have not forgotten anything.