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Disappointed with no water logging on first day of monsoon in Mumbai, News channel creates in-house set to show flooded roads

12, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Disappointed that the first showers of monsoon did not cause any water logging or disruption of transport services in Mumbai, a local news channel went ahead and created its own in-house set to show flooded roads.

Breaking News: Mumbai is drowning
Breaking News: Mumbai is drowning

News69, a hindi news channel that was launched a few months back, created replicas of locations in mumbai which are prone to water logging. Speaking to Faking News, Editor-in-chief of News69 said, “We had invested heavily on this story. We hired extra reporters, cameraman and support staff just to cover the story of water logging. But we were let down by BMC. We had no other option but to create in-house replicas and then show water logging. We  have also used green screen technology to show submerged cars. It will definitely grab eyeballs.”

When questioned about media ethics, he asked with a quizzical expression, “What are other news channels doing. Everybody is manipulating news because that is what people want to see. It may not be factual. It’s a game of TRP’s. It’s more about entertainment. What about the news anchor who screams at the top of his voice and creates so much drama and conveniently forgets it the next day.”

Speaking to Faking News reporter, a media critic said, “Most news channels spend 90% of their time manufacturing news. News69 is no different given that it has yet to establish itself. The competition is intense. This is exactly the reason why u see some news channels carrying special report titled, ‘kya aliens gai ka doodh peete hai’. Their only aim is to one-up each other and be as sensational as possible.”

News channels may not be too bothered about news manipulation, but we at Faking News are definitely concerned with so much competition. The only difference being that we don’t hide behind the facade of main stream media.