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Doctor advises man with low blood pressure to watch Arnab's newshour

08, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 35 year old man suffering from low blood pressure was today prescribed daily dose of Arnab’s Newshour on Times Now by his doctor.

The doctor reportedly took this decision when even after 6 months of a regular high dosage medication failed to normalize the blood pressure of the patient.

“We tried lots of things. We gave him most advanced and concentrated form of medicines. We even showed him Dhoni’s last ball chases where he deliberately wastes time, but nothing worked,” the doctor’s compounder told Faking News.

Sufficient to increase your BP by few notches.
Sufficient to increase your BP by few notches.

The doctor who is regularly visited be high profile patient then suddenly realized that he has lots of High BP patients thanks to Newshour.

“Almost all your regular panellists on the show are patients of high blood pressure. They regularly consult or call me after they have participated. Not only this, many of the regular viewers of the show too have high BP,” the doctor revealed.

However for instant results, doctor has advised patient to watch debates featuring Sanjay Jha.

“For some reason if the unnecessarily high tempers, heated and loud atmosphere on the show, doesn’t help in increasing the BP, I am quite sure the arguments of Sanjay Jha and his standard response of ‘Arnab let me answer very quickly that in 2002 Gujarat riots’ to anything that is asked, will surely excite the patient,” doctor said confidently.

“And if even that doesn’t help, then I will be trying through my contacts in media industry to somehow get him as a panellist on the show itself. If not watching, participating will surely cure him,” the doctor added.

Although the medication looks entirely natural , doctor however warned of a mild headache as a side effect.

Meanwhile taking a cue from this unique style of treatment, a neurologist today asked his patients with paralyzed hands to watch debates featuring Mani Shankar Aiyar.

“I will surrender my practising license if even after watching Aiyar, those patients don’t get up and move their hands to throw some object on their TV,” the physician declared.