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Dog runs away each time owner switches to news channel

23, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Barkdeep aka Barku, a golden retriever who lives in Paschim Vihar in New Delhi with his owner, apparently gets anxiety pangs every time his owner switches to a news channel.

Fed up with the barking culture on news channels
Fed up with the barking culture on news channels

Sandeep Sharma spoke to Faking News reporter about his pet’s peculiar problem. He said, “Barkdeep has been behaving a little weird lately. He is timid by nature but he does get along with other dogs, except for dogs who bark a lot. I have observed that whenever I switch to any news channel, Barkdeep just runs away and hides beneath the bed. I have also tried to understand his feelings through an interpreter, but it didn’t help. So finally I took him to my psychiatrist.”

“My psychiatrist told me that Barkdeep is very sensitive to other dogs barking around him. That is the reason why he gets anxious. Most news channels have anchors who keep barking on news debates and you may have seen that at times the guests on the debate add to the decibel level. Maybe it could be the reason for my pet’s problem,” said Mr. Sharma.

Barkdeep has found support on social media. The hashtag #WhyNoJusticeforBarku was trending at the top, with many social media activists asking for a ban on news channels that promote this ‘barking culture’.

“There was a time when I used to ‘listen’ to news debates. I have seen better behaved pets than these so called anchors and panelists on news channels. It reminds of stray dogs you see on the streets. When one barks, all others start barking too,” said a twitter activist.

Meanwhile, government is not taking this issue lightly. “We are planning to set up National Commission for Pets’ to address such issues. We are also planning to start a 24/7 helpline and we have already recruited 200 stray dogs, who will act as customer service executives,” said a government official.

Not to be left behind, the dog wing of Aam Aadmi Party has taken up the issue. However, the chances of making any headway are slim as Dognath Bharti, Somnath Bhartis pet, who heads the wing is absconding.