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Dozens of television reporters spill into Arabian Sea scaring marine life

09, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Fishes and crabs in Arabian Sea have complained of breathlessness and chaos as dozens of television reporters spilled into sea waters, allegedly to report the aftermath of the collision between two merchant ships MSC Chitra and Khalijia, which caused an oil spill off the Mumbai harbor. Already shocked by the sudden spill of oil and chemicals into their habitat, the marine animals were finding it tough to cope with the additional influx of reporters.

“We were swimming towards the shore to escape the spreading oil and debris when we saw many small boats coming in from the opposite direction. We thought they were fishermen, and we panicked. But they turned out to be television reporters, and we panicked even more.” said a panting marine fish.

Mumbai Oil Spill
Coming close on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the USA, many experts see it as a sign of India’s growing influence on the world economy

According to reports, many reporters had gathered around the Mumbai shore near Gateway of India early today, apparently to report the possible damage to the environment caused by the accident and ensuing oil spill. Things were fine until a couple of television reporters decided to board motor boats and sail near the accident site in the sea to get exclusive and explicit pictures for their respective channels.

“That was the turning point, as many more reporters of all kinds of known and unheard of television news channels followed suit. Soon they were screaming at top of their voices all around us as they provided live eyewitness account of the accident site. We were scared to come out on the surface to breathe.” a turtle complained.

Marine animals are also petrified at the possibility of all kinds of known and unheard of leaders now undertaking aerial surveys of the accident site in noisy helicopters, ostensibly to take stock of the situation.

When contacted, Maharashtra government acknowledged the threat but refused to divulge the exact steps that were being taken or could be taken to stop this spill, though they expressed confidence that the problem would be dealt with accordingly.

Sandwiched due to this double trouble, the marine animals are now hoping that the spills of both kinds don’t spread to larger areas and threaten their existence and tranquility.

“Or May Raj Thackeray blame the UP Biharis for this oil spill, so that this spill is directed back towards the city.” a crab hoped.