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Election Commission mulls re-counting of votes after Arnab gets a few predictions wrong

19, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Election Commission today announced that there was a possibility of re-counting of votes after Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-chief of Times Now, got a few election predictions wrong.

The election results could go wrong but not Arnab's predictions
The election results can go wrong but not Arnab’s predictions

Nasim Zaidi, Chief Election Commissioner of India, made the announcement at a press conference and said, “I am equally clueless as to how this could happen. Even a few votes her and there cannot be tolerated. We will take prompt action and ensure that the election results are exactly as Arnab predicted.”

“Even if re-counting of votes is required, we will do it. I know we should have thought of this earlier but I think  we can still salvage the situation. My apologies to to Arnab Goswami for this gaffe,” he added, with a hint of embarrassment clearly visible on his face.

Anxious faces were seen at party offices of political parties after the announcement.  Our reporter spoke to a senior leader from AIADMK who said, “what if the results don’t match even after re-counting? Arnab won’t rest till EC gets it right. There could possibly be re-elections and that would be disastrous for us. We already have given so many freebies and we don’t have money for any more free stuff.”

Meanwhile, many prominent politicians welcomed EC’s decision and thought that for the larger good of the nation, the results should match what Arnab had predicted. “To tell you honestly I think counting of votes was unnecessary once Arnab gave his predictions. EC has brought it upon them. I hope they have learnt a lesson. We have elections coming up in 2017 too and probably EC will be sensible enough and not offend Arnab then,” said Sambit Patra from BJP, a regular on NewsHour debates.