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ENT doctors association cheers and welcomes the launch of REPUBLIC TV

20, May 2017 By RT

Chennai. Indian Society of Otology, comprising of thousands of ENT surgeons across India, cheers and welcomes the launch of REPUBLIC TV, the Secretary of the association told Faking News. The new news channel to bring direct revenue to most of the member doctors in the society, he added.

“Ever since Arnab left Times now, our business had seen a lull period. The channel used to supply direct customers (ethically referred to as patients) from the studios and indirect customers from across the country, watching the channel. Some of us even kept our clinics open in the night, due to the customers seeking our help, immediately after the news hour debates in the night,” the Secretary told Faking News.

“As an association, we are never interested in who gets exposed in the channel. On the launch day, Lalu got exposed by REPUBLIC TV. We cared the least. What we are interesting in is about the number of potential patients who are voluntarily exposed to the harmful decibel levels broadcasted across the nation. In fact, we started measuring the decibel levels with reference to the units of TV channel names,” he confirmed.

“With the launch of REPUBLIC, a new unit for sound is approved by our association. The unit is named after the new channel and will be known as Republic. Don’t be alarmed when a diagnosis sheet talks about a patient affected with 1 Republic or 1 and 1/2 Republic or 2 Republics,” the Secretary repeated the word so many times much like the news channel repeating the same words over and over again during the debates.

“We don’t know if the nation wants to know or even cares to know. We, in fact, have a secret partnership with the news channel. Look at the symbol of the new channel! Almost looks like a doctor’s prescription pad symbol is it not?” the Secretary casually exposed the secret deals between the news channel and the ENT society.