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Even cows fed up of cow-beef coverage in media: Study

07, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A research study conducted by a leading institute has revealed that even the cows in the country are fed up of the non-stop cow and beef stories in the media for the past 3 years. Cow has become an integral part of Indian politics ever since BJP led NDA came to power in May 2014. Indian media, as always focused on the major issues, has covered this cow politics angle extensively. In fact they covered this cow politics so seriously that for the first time in Indian history, a news from Meghalaya made national news.

Leave us alone!

Expressing their frustration, a representative of the Indian Cows Association said ,”I don’t know man, cover the economy or foreign affairs or national security or even some baba, they are still around, but please leave us alone. Every time we switch on the TV or open a newspaper, it is Gaurakshaks or beef or cow slaughter, what is this?”

Furthermore, the angry cow added ,”It wasn’t always like this. There were beef bans in several states in the past, cow slaughter was also banned in some places, but nobody cared. We were living a content life. However, since this Modi came to power, all our privacy has been lost. Every cow has 4 news cameras focused on it as every reporter waits with bated breath for something to happen around us. There is simply no escape from this media attention, I don’t know how Virat Kohlis and SRKs of this world live with all this media attention. it is simply too much for us.”

When asked if they will boycott news channels completely if they don’t leave cows alone, the cow said ,”We can avoid the TV channels but what to do about newspapers. People offer us roti on a plate made of a newspaper only. It is impossible to keep our eyes off the news while eating. it is a nightmare.”

As per our sources inside Cows Association, many cows are now planning to sit in the middle of the road outside all media offices to register their protest.