Even after a month of lockdown, woman fails to share any food pics on Instagram

04, May 2020 By yogy

A Delhi based woman had to face condemnation from family, friends and relatives after she failed to share any food pics on Instagram even after a month into the lockdown.


Neha Sharma(name changed to protect identity), a housewife from Vasant Vihar was at the receiving end of cynical jibes from all corners.

Speaking to Faking News, she said, “Since the last one month, my Whatsapp and Instagram is flooded with food pics. Initially I made up some excuses just to buy time. But with the lockdown extending, I am totally stressed out now. My neighbor Mrs. Sharma already has her own youtube cooking channel. Aur meri saans mujhe har din issi baat pe taana bhi maarti hai.

Neha is not an isolated case. There are many women who are in the same boat. National Commission of Women has now stepped in to mitigate the situation.

“If it is lack of cooking skills, then that can be taken care of. But saying that they do not have knowledge of social media is totally absurd. If not Instagram, then they can just share them as Whatsapp status. In fact, I spoke to a few Ministry officials and they said that Govt is planning to come up with another app that will make it easier for anyone to share pics online,” said a source from the NCW.

“Such women should view the extension of lockdown as another chance to upgrade their cooking skills and share them with the world,” the source added.

Psychologists say that the struggle is real. “Last month I had a south Mumbai girl come to me and she looked pretty depressed. On enquiring I found out that she had the same problem of ‘no uploading food pic on social media. After a marathon session of counseling, I managed to give her some tips. Now she learnt how to boil milk and also uploaded the recipe on Youtube,” said a renowned psychologist.