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Over-excited news reporter pole-vaults into Olympic medalist’s house to interview family, wins Gold

19, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Olympic medalist CV Bindu’s family went through some anxious moments after an intruder, who was later identified as news-reporter, pole-vaulted his way into the living room of the family. He was later awarded a gold medal by the Indian Olympic Association.

India's next Olympic medal in pole-vault could come from a news reporter
India’s next Olympic medal in pole-vault could come from a news reporter

Speaking to Faking News, their next door neighbor said, “We were watching Bindu’s  match on TV when we heard a loud thud outside. When I checked, I was shocked to see a man with a microphone stuck in a tree. Initially we suspected an intruder. But after we brought him down, he identified himself as a reporter working for News24x7 and he wanted to interview Bindu’s family.”

Sources say that the compound gates were closed for outsiders, which is why the news reporter may have taken the extreme step.

The reporter spoke to Faking News and said, “There were reporters of other channels too, who were standing outside the compound wall. The security guards wouldn’t allow anyone inside. I knew I had to do something different. That’s when I picked up a bamboo lying on the road and went on the other side. Unfortunately I got stuck in a tree. It would have been ‘Breaking News’ had I landed in the balcony.”

People in the neighborhood say that this is not an isolated case. Pointing towards the footpath, a neighborhood man said, “Look at these hutments on the footpath. These are not beggars. These are news reporters who have been camping here for the last few days in anticipation of meeting the family.”

Authorities have assured people that action will be taken against people crossing the line. Govt. too has asked media to behave responsibly and over-excited news reporters won’t be given any reward money.

They may have let off the reporter with a warning, IOA however seems to impressed with his pole-vault skills. “He might just be our hope in the next Olympics,” said an official from IOA.

Meanwhile, the shaken and embarrassed news reporter of News24x7 was administered first aid to treat his bruises.

“Haan mai theek hoon,” he replied to the anchor in the newsroom who asked him ‘Aapko kaisa lag raha hai’.