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Fastest news channel claims they will announce Lok Sabha results on 22nd May

17, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: News channels are always in the race for breaking a big news first on their channels but on counting day, this race reaches next level as everyone tries to get the results to their viewers before others. While official Election commission website shows results for 10 seats, news channels reach 500 seats! Now a news channel Fastest TV has shocked everyone by claiming that the Lok Sabha results will be live on their channel on 22nd May itself, a day ahead of the formal counting of votes.

Speaking to Faking News, the chief editor of Fastest TV, Mr Tej Singh said, ”The trend of declaring results after counting of votes is an old outdated concept. We are here to revolutionize election coverage so we have to switch to something new. Therefore, we decided that we will declare the results a day before Election commission. We are expecting record TRPs on that day as nobody else is declaring the results on 22nd, all eyes will be on us.”

“We will start the results show at 6 AM and will keep updating our screens as the results come in. Channels that claim to Sabse Tez will change their tag lines once they see the speed with which we will bring in the results”, Mr Singh added.

When asked how they will declare results before election commission counts the votes, Mr Singh said ,”We can’t let such minor hurdles stop us from achieving our goals. If ECI doesn’t count the votes, then we won’t declare the results? What a defeatist attitude is this? We will make our own results and if we are proven wrong, we will run a 2 seconds apology the next day.”

Meanwhile, Election Commission has requested Amit Shah to wait for updates on their official website before staking the claim to form the government.